About the FOMNRR


The mission of the Friends of the Missouri National Recreational River is to build awareness, enhance and advocate for the scenic, recreational, fish and wildlife, ecological, geological, cultural/historical values and economic and recreational opportunities of the Missouri River, a component of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.


  • Develop and maintain partnerships to enhance the Missouri National Recreational River and the adjacent middle Missouri River corridor for the betterment of people within the region, as well as, the United States
  • Enhance the quality of the visitor experience making The Missouri National Recreational River a national tourist destination
  • Provide leadership in developing a shared vision and a unified voice for Missouri National Recreational River stakeholders
  • Build an active constituency and raise funds to support The Missouri National Recreational River resource stewardship
  • Increase the public's awareness of The Missouri National Recreational River
  • Facilitate efforts to enhance The Missouri National Recreational River and specifically the "Missouri National Recreational River Outstandingly Remarkable Values"
  • Promote and coordinate volunteer activities of The Missouri National Recreational River

Board of Directors


  • Jeff Fields (Nebraska Game and Parks)
  • Shane Bertsch (South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks)
  • Terry Julesgard (Lower Niobrara NRD)
  • Shannon Wright (Ponca Tribe of Nebraska )
  • Bob Foley (landowner)
  • Barb Yelverton (landowner)
  • Dennis Menke (landowner)
  • Pat James (landowner)
  • Kasi Haberman (Yankton CVB)
  • Tim Cowman (Missouri River Water Trail)
  • Jarett Bies  (SD Canoe and Kayak Association)
  • Dave Swanson (USD Missouri River Institute)
  • Clarence Peterson (Sierra Club)
  • Carol Smith
  • Paul Lepisto (Izaak Walton League)

Executive Committee


  • Chair: Tim Cowman
  • Vice Chair: Carol Smith
  • Secretary: Dave Swanson
  • Treasurer: Bob Foley
  • At-Large: Paul Lepisto
  • NPS Liaison: Rick Clark


Full bylaws of the FOMNRR

Privacy Policy

Any information supplied to the FOMNRR by its members will be used solely to fulfill needed membership requirements.  The information shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the member to share such information. The FOMNRR does not sell or share its membership list.